Practice Areas

We are dedicated to our clients, and provide effective representation for them in the following areas:

Estate Planning

Estate planning is an area of emphasis for our firm. We represent clients in drafting wills, trusts, charitable foundations, and durable powers of attorney, and help them through the probate process. An estate plan should be reviewed every three years, or when a significant life change occurs, such as births, deaths, divorce, relocation, disability or changes in health, or large changes in your financial situation. We can work with you or your financial planner to create the plan that is right for you.

Business / Corporate

We assist small businesses in business formation, maintenance, through the end of the business life cycle, to transitioning to the next generation. We will work with you to choose the right type of business entity, and assist you in day to day operations to prevent problems before they arise. We will consult with you as you negotiate simple and complex agreements with individuals, small companies, or large corporations.


It is far better to consult with an attorney before you sign a contract to make sure it is in your best interests, and to make sure the language carries out your intentions. However, if you have a contract dispute over an existing agreement we can assist you in resolving those issues too. We have found it better to avoid litigation by having a well drafted agreement that is fair and understood by all. As stated above, we will consult with you as you negotiate simple and complex agreements with individuals, small companies, or large corporations. Our emphasis has been negotiating and resolving issues with real estate agreements, leases, and complex multimillion dollar software agreements and amendments.

Real Estate

Our firm is experienced in assisting purchasers and sellers in transactions dealing with all types of real estate interests, including buying, selling, managing and leasing commercial, residential and industrial real property, site acquisition services, lease negotiations, renewals, master leases, zoning and zoning renewals, building permits, coordinating with corporate counsel and real estate departments, estoppel and subordination agreements, easements, oil and gas leases, landlord/tenant issues. We have extensive experience with managing issues for large real estate portfolios.


Minor Traffic violations. We assist clients with minor infractions and misdemeanor traffic violations in Kansas. People should contact an attorney as soon as possible after receiving a ticket to increase their options to reduce the consequences and potential penalties. Excessive traffic violations can lead to higher insurance rates, increased fines, revocation or suspension of driving privileges, or jail.